Create new levels of success through e-learning is an e-learning platform that aims to create hope and develop people in MEA region through providing high quality online courses taught by industry experts.

It is time to bridge the gap between the skills of employees and the requirements of organisations and corporations.
We offer professionally produced video-based courses available in Arabic, English and other local languages.

What we offer

Relevant professional content

Professionally produced, localised & customised online courses taught by industry experts to target the specific demands of your company.

Innovative learning platform

A powerful cloud-based e-learning platform that actively engages your employees and provides a pleasing educational environment.

Tailored courses

Get your own personalised and customised courses. We can provide a tailored learning experience to meet your organisation's unique needs.

In the simplest terms, we provide:

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Professional on-demand e-learning courses for enterprises
Courses cover all aspects of corporate training and learning, including business skills, leadership, IT skills, certifications, digital skills, safety & compliance and much more.
Highly proficient course production
Producing professional video courses from top mentors, experts and consultants who share their knowledge through the premises in Dubai and Cairo.
Custom course production
For topics unique to your organisation, we can design, produce, host and manage tailored learning courses that match your organisational needs.
International course curation
We curate the best courses from the world’s leading mentors and publishers, and we make them available easily and instantly.
An easy, accessible and appealing learning platform
We provide a modern learning experience that actively engages your employees and offers a seamless and pleasing educational journey.

How can help you

We support you in your employees’ development journey by adding all the features
that position your business for success, with training that works.


Reduced training costs

Employee progress tracking
and reporting

Assessments & quizzes

Multi-language & localisation support

Certificates of completion

Take your learning with you

We created a top-level technical platform that makes it possible for employees to learn on the go — anytime, anywhere and through any device. This level of accessibility provides engagement like never before and means that results can be achieved much faster.

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Partners & technologies


Enough said? It's time to try it.

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