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What is almentor Business? What services do you provide?

almentor Business offers a wide range of high-quality educational products and services with a unique subscription-based model that allows learners to gain access to all courses available in almentor’s library, which is regarded as the world’s largest Arabic e-learning library.
Almentor aims to provide online courses to companies and organizations that wish to acquire knowledge and build the skill set of its employees by providing user-friendly and accessible on-demand compelling educational courses for both mobile and desktop users anytime and anywhere.
  • A branded platform that contains all desired training courses.
  • almentor provides a learning path in each department.
  • It offers An accurate reporting system expressing the achievement of every department in the company and individuals, in addition to identifying the type of training needs for each individual.
  • It offers automated learning management system for the L&D team in the company.
  • In almentor, we issue certificates of completion of training programs with almentor brand platform and the target company.

Are the prices of almentor Business services different from the individual services?

almentor Business services are designed with a rate card that benefits companies to help overcome the challenges facing its training and development plan for employees. Please use the following link to contact us for more information about our discounted price list.

What are the subscription payment methods?

You can pay through the internet via a bank transaction or credit card.

Is almentor Business services rate card considered expensive?

The rate card of almentor Business services is not considered expensive for the following reasons:
  • almentor offers added-value courses on its platform in terms of number, diversity, and subject matter experts. It is clear that the subscription value of almentor Business services (B2B) is lower than the prices of competing platforms and is higher in value.
  • Comparing the prices of almentor Business services (B2B) with international platforms, we find that the prices on almentor Business are quite competitive. Additionally, we have the world’s largest library of Arabic language training courses.

What additional benefits can our company obtain when subscribing to almentor Business services?

  • Designing customized educational content for your company.
  • According to the company’s training and development team’s vision, evaluation programs are accessible to corporate cadres.

What sectors does almentor Business work with?

almentor platform works for all types of business sectors. Through almentor platform, we have the ability to develop and produce content that responds to the training needs of specific business sectors.

Will the learner be able to obtain a certificate proving that they have completed the course?

Yes, a certificate of training program completion will be given to the learner, with the option to add the company’s logo. The certificate will be in an electronic format, and the learner will be able to download and print it.

Does the business's partnership with almentor make a point of identifying itself to its employees?

Yes, the company’s logo will be on the main portal and there will be the option to add two additional logos that appear on the certificate of completion of the training program via the sub link that contains the name of the contracting company.

How many training programs does almentor Business offer to companies?

almentor platform contains more than hundreds of training courses in several areas including, but not limited to, human resources, entrepreneurship, business, digital media, and improving quality of life.

How the director of Learning and Development assess the trainee’s benefit from the course on almentor Business platform?

The Learning and Development manager can follow up the progress of trainees through:
  • Three detailed types of reports. (Rating, Progress and Status Reports)
  • Setting a timeline for each employee/group.
  • By using the link, you can contact the sales team to learn more about these reports andhow to manage the learning experience.

When subscribing to almentor business, can our company add external content?

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